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Renegade Classics gratefully extends a 10% discount to: Local U.S. Military, Law Enforcement, and Local Firefighter personnel who have put themselves in harms way to defend our country, defend our homeland and protect our families and property.

Renegade Classics' U.S. Military Discount is extended to:

  • Active Military
  • Active Military Reserves
  • Military Retirees

U.S. Military is defined as:
Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard and their Reserves. Retirees must present a current (blue) Armed Forces Identification Card issued by DEERS. Available by submitting DD 1172 Form.

Renegade Classics' Law Enforcement, Firefighter Discount is extended to:

  • Active "badge holding" Central Virginia Police and Sheriff Officers.
  • Active "badge holding" Centrail Virginia Firefighters.
  • Active "badge holding" Law Enforcement and Firefighter Personal from Central Virginia.
  • Employees of Private Fire Departments (Rural Metro) with state-issued Paramedic/EMT Certification Cards

Valid Government I.D. and valid local mailing address must be presented at time of purchase and reference numbers recorded in our system to enable us to automatically issue you a discount for future purposes.

Military and Law Enforcement Discounts not applicable during storewide sales on discounted merchandise, on items marked with clearance tags or on sewing or labor.

Military and Law Enforcement Discounts not combinable with any other Renegade Classics discount or customer rewards programs. Discounts are extended to Active Military members and their spouse after I.D. is presented and discount customer status is set in our POS system.

Renegade Classics reserves the right to revise the terms of this program with 30 days store posted notice.

Renegade Classics reserves the right to revoke this discount when false states or documents have been used to obtain membership in the program.

The terms of the described program are effective as of September 1, 2014.

We realize the many customers who work for these agences and organizations will not qualify for these discounts, as they are reserved for enlisted military and front line public safety officers. To these customers, we offer "Sale Postcard" mailings and email blasts to help you shop affordably at our store.

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