Renegade Classics Richmond -
Motorcycle Head Wear / Body Wear

Renegade Classics offers everything you need to keep your head and body warm, cool dry and protected.  Head and body wear from Zan Headwear and That’s a Wrap.  We have your beanies, doo rags, bandanas and stretch headwear.  Plus, Gatorskins Cold weather wear shirts, pants, balaclavas, neck warmers, boot liners and gloves liners.  For wet weather: waterproof gloves and rain suits by Nelson Rigg and Redline Leather.  Plus we carry a selection of Hair Glove products for Ladies.  With the right gear from Renegade Classics, you can ride year round.

Head and Bodywear Head and Bodywear Head and Bodywear


"Finance your Ride, not your Riding Gear”